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Justin Lister is an internationally published portrait photographer based in Kansas. He shoots weddings as well a commercial and editorial projects. When shooting weddings, he is focused on beautiful light and expression. β€œI work very hard to make interactions genuine and fun for the bride and groom. After light, expression and the wedding clients experience are the most important part of a wedding photograph,. If they aren't having fun, what is the point?” After the wedding, Justin compiles and edits every photo by hand in a custom album to tell the perfect story of your wedding.

When shooting commercial or editorial projects, Justin makes images that are cinematic and striking.  β€œIn portraits, I strive to tell a story through details in the image as well as the lighting and mood.  I also know the importance of the work after the shoot so I have extensive knowledge of post processing techniques to increase production value exponentially.  This gives clients the ability to dream big with smaller budgets.  I would love if you would consider me for any upcoming projects.  Thanks, Justin.”

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